All popular Food bloggers in one app
We have integrated bloggers' social networks with our platform and made it possible for subscribers to order products under recipe posts directly from social networks.
FoodDzen is a mobile application where you can order ingredients for a recipe in just three clicks. The app features over 3000 recipes from top food bloggers and nutritionists.
We sell products through the ingredients featured in bloggers' recipes
We have discovered a new way to engage our target audience - through the followers of bloggers. This approach can boost online sales for retailers without additional costs and investments in marketing.
Our target audience and values for them
Additional traffic through order aggregation + promotion for specific categories and product groups.
Food Bloggers
Integration of culinary recipes into electronic catalogs of retailers + monetization of subscribers and content.
Providing recipes to bloggers for publication on their social media platforms with subsequent monetization of traffic through the FoodDzen app.
Bloggers' subscribers
Saving on grocery purchases + the ability to order products for home delivery directly from social networks.
Our advantage is the optimization of the product basket
The formation of the product basket is done in such a way that after preparing the selected dishes, the leftover unused products are minimized.
We operate on a CPA
We receive compensation from retailers for order aggregation, which we split in a 50/50 ratio with bloggers. We are paid not for impressions and advertising, but for actual sales.